Management Transition: Making It Easy And Trouble-Free

Swift and efficient property management transition with idoni management

Changing property management firms can be a challenging, but important step forward for your building. At Idoni Management, we strive to make that transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible. 

Management continuity is critical during the transition period and cooperative communication with the previous agent is imperative. Documents and records relating to your property’s daily operation, its staff, individual resident files, and fiscal aspects all require specific and deliberate attention.

Once your documents are transferred, Idoni stores all vital records in a customized filing system developed specifically for your property. Pertinent data gathered from both written documentation and information conveyed by your previous agent is immediately put into our database and customized to accommodate your property’s unique requirements.

Idoni professionals assigned to your account work with you consistently to learn the particular “ins and outs” of your individual property. Once you have made a decision to engage Idoni, a complete physical inspection will commence outlining short and long-term goals.

And in a remarkably short period of time, you, your decision-making associates, and your property’s residents will feel completely at home with Idoni.

From the moment you express interest in Idoni as your property manager, we begin a comprehensive process of assessing your needs and outlining the next steps in a management transition.

Property Inspection and Checklist

Property Inspection

The first step in the transition is for Idoni to establish a familiarity with every aspect of your property. This entails a basement-to-roof inspection of all structures and systems.

Upon completion of the inspection, Idoni provides a preliminary report indicating our recommendations for financial, operational, and maintenance goals for property management in Waterbury. In addition to the inspection, we also perform a financial evaluation to ensure you are positioned properly to meet these financial goals.

Idoni then requests a special meeting with your team to present our findings and discuss the most feasible way to proceed.  This meeting typically takes place four-to-six weeks after engaging Idoni and upon completion of our inspection.

Property Checklist

In the intervening time between engaging Idoni and our meeting, we produce a transition checklist to organize and simplify the process. The goal is to ensure that all aspects of your property’s operations and finances are effectively and efficiently transferred to the supervision of our staff.

These initial steps help develop a swift and all-encompassing knowledge of the individual internal and external conditions of your property. It also helps to forge a productive relationship between Idoni and the personnel, professionals, and decision-makers of your property.

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