At Idoni Management, the Connecticut eviction process is not something that happens often.

That’s because 99% of all our tenants pay on time and fulfill the terms of their lease. However, eviction is a valid fear and concern that most homeowners have when they’re renting out their property.

So, we are talking about the process today and letting you know how long it can take.

According to a representative of the housing court:

The minimum time for a summary process to proceed to judgment is 30 to 45 days from the service on the tenant of the notice to quit possession.

How quickly a landlord can have a tenant removed after judgment depends on whether the tenant appeals and whether the judge stays execution of the judgment.

What is the Eviction Process in CT?

The Eviction Process in CT has 5 major steps:

  1. Notice to Quit
  2. Summons & Complaint
  3. Trial Date set after tenant appearance
  4. Judge Order 
  5. Execution

Rental Due Dates

All tenants must pay rent by the first of the month. There is a grace period that extends to the tenth of the month. This covers any holidays or weekends. Also, if the rent check goes in the mail on the first, it may take a few days to get to us. So by the tenth, we know that anyone who attempted to pay their rent on time will manage to get it in. On the eleventh of the month, rent is late. Between the eleventh and the fifteenth, tenants are subject to late fees. Anyone with a legitimate reason for their late payment, like an emergency or the need to go out of town, can still pay by the fifteenth with a late fee.

Filing an Eviction

On the fifteenth of the month, we file the notice to quit. First, we go to the local courthouse in Bridgeport. We file the first round of paperwork, which usually costs $40-60. Then we deliver the paperwork to a constable who delivers it to the tenant. Typically, the constable will try twice to get that paperwork to the tenant. If the tenant cannot be served with the eviction paperwork, it will be mailed.

The purpose of the notice to quit CT is to serve the resident via sheriff / marshall with official written notice. This could be when they fail to pay rent, lease has expired, or other grounds for eviction.

It gives them 3 days to move or cure the breach of lease. If not, a court case will be started.

The notice to quit is the first document to serve during the Connecticut eviction process.

The landlord must serve the notice to quit at least 3 days before the lease ends or 3 days before the date specified in the notice to quit. You must give the tenant at least three full days to move out.

Then, the Marshall can serve the notice on any day of the week.

What happens if the tenant refuses to move out from the property? You may initiate proceedings in Superior Court by filing a summons and complaint.

How to use the Notice to Quit CT:

  • Fill out the notice to quit CT form. Make sure that the person signing this notice is the owner or lessor, or the owner’s legal representative, or the owner’s attorney or in-fact.
  • Give the completed notice to a state marshal or any proper officer with enough copies for each adult occupant and tenant you want to evict.
  • After service/delivery to the tenants, the original Notice to Quit will be returned to you. If you don’t want your address on the form, give it to the marshal on a separate sheet. Then the officer can return the original notice to you after service.

For further questions feel free to browse the landlord tenant responsibilities guide on the CT Housing Court website.

In conclusion, serve this form first when your tenant is 10 days late with the rent. In most cases they will pay right away after being served.

Connecticut Eviction Process Flow Chart

Ct eviction process flowchart


Eviction Timing

Mailed paperwork takes 21 days to process. If the tenant answers the door and receives the paperwork, it only takes 10 days. We file our Eviction Execution if no arrangement is made with the tenant to receive payment once the paperwork is served.

Eviction Execution

The Eviction Execution is a 24-hour notice for the tenants to vacate the property. It usually takes five days to serve the paperwork. The constable will receive it, put the notice on the door, and then 24 hours later we can complete our eviction. So the real difference in the timing is when and how you deliver the original paperwork. We are within a 30-day window unless we have to wait the 21 days for that paperwork to be mailed. Then, it might take 35 days.

This is why it’s so important not to wait. Whatever the reason that your tenant can’t pay, make sure you file the eviction to start the process. If the tenant comes through and pays, you can stop the eviction and you’ve only paid a little bit. But if the tenant cannot ultimately pay, you want to get that time clock started. The goal is to get your tenant out within 30 days so you can use the security deposit to cover the unpaid rent.

Tenant Defenses to Connecticut Eviction Process

There are a variety of defenses available to a tenant in a Connecticut eviction, including the following:

  • Improper service of the Notice to Quit or summons and complaint. Always use a Marshall or Sheriff to serve the notice to quit.
  • Insufficient Notice to Quit. At least 3 days must be given on the CT notice to quit.
  • Compliance was made within the notice time.
  • Eviction was in retaliation for filing a complaint against the landlord.
  • Eviction is for a discriminatory purpose based on the tenant’s constitutionally protected status such as race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, family status or disability.
  • The landlord breached the promise of quiet enjoyment or failed to provide a fit and habitable premises despite written notice to fix the issue.
  • The tenant did not commit any of the acts constituting a nuisance as alleged.

Eviction Service for Connecticut Landlords

Idoni provides a “done for you” flat fee eviction service for $872 using our bulletproof legal team.  Get your deadbeat tenant out quickly!

With years of experience in the Connecticut housing courts, we know the tricks and techniques to end your nightmare tenant experience.

Fill out the form below to see if your situation qualifies for our service:


  • My Uncle is trying to close on his house. We started an eviction. The 2 occupants say they will leave on the 18th but I doubt it
    I’m power of attorney. The daughter of the tenant says she will leave when she wants. Their both nuts. No lease. Used my Uncle to many years. The tenant has been verbally abusive to my Uncle. His so called friend of many years demanding rides for his business. He has no license because he’s an alcoholic. Doesn’t even pay the agreed verbal rent.
    He is the only issue that’s stopping this sale. We started eviction. We just want them gone and fast. They have no rights to live there. I told the daughter, you will leave when the court says.
    This eviction seems to be useless if my Uncle has to wait for his money. He’s disabled and in a nursing home from a severe back injury. He really has a financial crisis.
    How can we get them out faster? Our lawyer is useless.
    Thank you for your time

    • Just follow through with your eviction and file your paperwork on time and correctly. Is the reason for eviction non-payment of rent or lease expiration?

  • I rented my spare bedroom to someone. He was added to the lease with the stipulation that if, at any time I want him out, I only have to give him 30 days notice. I have caught him smoking crack in my home and bringing prostitutes in my home. He has abused and terrified my dog and been verbally abusive to me. I told him he had 30 days but he refuses to go. The weird thing is he is married and spends most nights at his wife’s house. He comes here to shower and change clothes. I just want him out and don’t Know what to do

  • Is a $100 late fee on $750 rent legal and in the state of Connecticut?

  • me and my roommate where evicted but i moved ou within the deadline and she didnt but she is still asking me to pay rent when its her and her boyfriend that are stayong past the eviction due date what do i do?

  • Is this process the same if I am the tenant living with an ex girlfriend who doesn’t pay went and is not on the lease who refuses to move out of the apartment?

  • Is this process the same if I am the tenant living with an ex girlfriend who doesn’t pay rent and is not on the lease who refuses to move out of the apartment?

  • I receive a summary process eviction what does that means?

    • That means your landlord may be starting an eviction against you.

      You should find out what the grounds of eviction is and try to cure it.

  • Question I live in an apt. With 4 rentals, mine is one bedroom. So out on the porch I saw rats informed landlord over month and nothing was done. Then the rats were in my apt. My apt. Clean. So this was bad the rats were in the wall literally! So that’s bad, add roaches broken handrails no out door lighting for stairs etc. Do I have to pay rent?

    • Hi Jeffrey, contact your landlord again with the list of these issues. If after several attempts they do not get resolved, then you should find another place to live.

    • Hi Jeffrey, contact your landlord again with the list of these issues. If after several attempts they do not get resolved, then you should find another place to live.

  • If you move out before the date on your notice to quit will you still have an eviction on your records?

    • Most likely not. You would have to surrender the key and ensure he or the attorney filing the case knows you have moved out.

      That way they can hold off from proceeding with filing the case in court.

  • What are the steps needing to be taken after the stay of execution expires? Can the tenant file for more time – the tenant had already submitted another motion to quash 2 days before the stay of execution expired and was denied the extension for more time after the stay of execution expiration. What happens now?

  • I havent paid rent this month, as I plan on moving out and I’m also filing for bankruptcy. Can my land lord start showing my apartment,even before they have given me a notice to quit? I’m still living here and dont want random people coming into my hhome. I told them to show it after I move.

  • I paid rent late but I still served with eviction notice

    • You can be served with an eviction notice as long as it’s past the grace period and you owe rent.

      As long as you pay the full rent plus late fee before the court date you cannot be evicted.

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