CT Governer extends eviction moratorium for tenants behind on rent.

There has been a major update in the current state of the eviction moratorium in Connecticut.

Gov. Ned Lamont said Thursday he will extend until October 1st 2020, the ban on evictions.

Tenants have been shielded from evictions since April. This is when the Democratic governor signed the first executive order. It restricted property owners and the courts from removing renters unless they pose a danger to other residents or the property.

Three Republican state representatives – who are lawyers and whose clients are property owners – have been attempting to get Lamont’s moratorium thrown out in federal court.

That decision may be a long way off, however, as a federal district judge last week refused to issue an injunction to immediately end the Connecticut eviction moratorium.

The state has set aside $20 million to help people struggling to pay rent during the pandemic. That money — received from the federal CARES Act — is running thin. That aid is enough to help provide help to $4,000 to 5,000 people. Nearly 3,900 people have qualified for aid so far.

We are continuing to encourage delinquent residents to apply for aid.  While some of our efforts have been successful, some have been ignored.

We will continue to update you and come up with solutions and resources to mitigate these trying times.

4 thoughts on “CT Governer extends eviction moratorium for tenants behind on rent.

  • As a landlord this is very stressful because the rent that the tenants owe will not most likely be paid back, yet, we as landlords need to pay property taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and etc. At the same time the state of CT. allowed the state workers to get their pay increases and the state workers are protected from layoff thru July 2021. Considering that the State of Ct in in bad financial health it makes me wonder why these policies were allowed to take place. Shouldn’t state employee take a big pay cut so that the money can be used to help keep people in there homes? Why are government employees protected? Why are landlords being financially forced to endure?

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