Low-Fee CT Real Estate Management Company: Outsource To Us.
Real estate management agent and investor.

Are you looking for a new CT real estate management company?

What would you do if your real estate investments could take care of themselves?

Moreover, how much time and money would that save for your family and your passions?

We’ll give you peace of mind so you can focus on your investing.

That’s what we offer with our CT Real Estate management service. Leasing, finding the perfect tenants in record time, repair and maintenance coordination, detailed accounting and reporting. We are THE low-fee Connecticut real estate management company serving Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford & New Haven Connecticut.

You get faster resident placement using our local expertise which means higher returns & lower costs.

You see, the thing is, most CT landlords are tired, frustrated, and struggling to manage their rentals.

Thankfully, Our proven CT property management system shows you in realtime exactly what’s happening with your real property. Additionally, how much rent you have collected, outstanding maintenance requests, and how many times your vacancy has been shown.

Now you can plug the money leaks, improve service and generate more cashflow so you can become financially free.

We are a CT Real Estate Management Company that delivers superior results in record time.

What would be some of the benefits for using a Connecticut Real Estate Management Company?

– Handling of day-to-day management

– Handling of all tenant phone calls not to mention the middle of the night phone calls.

– Coordination of all maintenance works and contractors / selection (snow removal, landscaping)

– Following up on rent collection

– Faster showing and filling vacancies using our local expertise which means higher returns & lower costs.

– Rental income is 100% passive income thus, not subject to self-employment tax

– Setting appropriate rental rates

– Bookkeeping and accounting of all income and expenses

– Tenant evictions

– No middle of the night phone calls

– Mediating conflicts

– Confidentiality – Tenants don’t know who you are.

– Asset protection because the first line of protection is the property management company.

– Ability to invest in more profitable out of state markets.

– Diversifying your portfolio

Simple, local service that you expect.

Thus, to find out how we can help you, contact us.

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