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A big thank you to all of our owners, tenants, and vendors for nominating us for the best property management company in Bridgeport. We just received word that we were chosen as a finalist for the third year in a row. We appreciate all your votes and we look forward to earning the title that comes with the “Best”. A client of mine asked me the other day what the secret to our success was. I would like to share that with you:

1. Ethics

It is very important to be fair to every person you deal with. Whether that means being truthful and honest with an owner that has an unethical request, or when dealing with a tenant issue, you must always put your ethics first and do the RIGHT thing. No matter what.

2. Hard Work

There is no substitute for hard work. No magic pill to get the job done. It comes down to hard work and dedication. We believe in putting in the hard work to earn a business reputation every day with our customers, friends, and peers. Just because you “won” the customer does not mean you get to slack off. You must continue to earn your clients trust and confidence every day.

3. Transparency

Everything your business does should be transparent. You must answer the hard questions and do the hard tasks. I think sometimes business owners want to hold on tight to their systems, practices, and procedures as if someone is trying to steal them away. Instead you should be giving your knowledge to others. By educating clients, customers, and tenants on how everything operates and why you do everything it makes the business relationship that much stronger. It also empowers the customer to be confident in your decisions.

4. Answer the Phone

Probably the most important key to success is to answer the phone. Always be available to answer questions for your owners. I can’t explain how important it is in any small business to just have someone answering the phone! We all know that sometimes its just not possible to answer the phone. But having that system in place to make sure that everyone is routed to the proper person and receives a callback in a timely manner is also important. The same business day is the best practice.

Again, thanks to everyone who uses our services and thinks we are awesome. We are always looking for ways to improve. If for some reason you don’t think we deserve our title of the “Best Property Management Company in Bridgeport” please send me a message. I would be happy to know what we can do even better:-)

Thanks for reading,
Idoni Management


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