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Fast Resident Leasing

    Using our ResiRank scoring system, you get the best residents who will take pride in your real property.  We predict evictions 30% better than using a credit score alone.

Our 12-month resident guarantee ensures your tenant pays rent or we refund our leasing fee on the next resident.

We have them sign a solid lease that protects you and your property. Automated rent collection ensures you get paid promptly.

Seamless transitions between tenants lowers vacancy expenses to the absolute minimum.

Repairs and Maintenance

Never waste valuable time dealing with toilets or termites. Idoni promptly performs routine and emergency repairs, landscaping and maintenance.

Our reliable networks of contractors do it right the first time, at wholesale prices, saving you money.

We make sure both you and your tenant are feel safe and secure at your property.

Transparent Accounting

Automated weekly reports of all rental income and expenses of your property keeps you in the loop at all times.

Idoni handles your bookkeeping and provides monthly statements of your property’s performance.

Let us take care of paying your monthly, quarterly or yearly bills.

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