Rental Assistance in CT Launches for Connecticut Tenants.

Property owners want their rent paid by rental assistance in CT or immediate possession of their property.

Do you remember when notices could be served on the 11th?

A thing of the past.

Landlords are frustrated with the CT eviction moratorium. Rent is hard to collect and residents are still having a hard time making ends meet financially. Various rental assistance in CT is helping, but some are just playing the system.

The new UniteCT Emergency Rental Assistance intends to stabilize Connecticut’s Rental Housing Market by providing landlords and residents up to $10,000 in rental and utility assistance.

– Funds received will go toward the rent arrears and the remainder will be spread out over 12 months once they calculate program contribution and tenant contribution.

– Tenants have to reapply every 3 months to keep funding active.

– Landlords cannot evict or sue for back rent owed once they receive the funds.

Who’s eligible to apply for rental assistance in CT?

– Households with income ranges up to 80% of Area Median Income

– Landlords on behalf of eligible households.


Eligible applicants will be prioritized for assistance if the household meets either of the following criteria:

  • Eligible household has an income less than 50% of area median income
  • Applicant has been unemployed on or after March 13th, 2020

Apply here:

More information about the Unite Program.

The Department of the Treasury has made over $25 billion available to assist households in the United States that are unable to pay rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acting through the Department of Housing (DOH), the State of Connecticut has implemented the UniteCT Program to respond to the housing issues associated with the onset of COVID-19.

CT covid rental assistance
CT Rental Assistance – Unite CT Program Overview

12 thoughts on “Rental Assistance in CT Launches for Connecticut Tenants.

  • Yeah I applied for United CT rental assistance about 2 months ago I haven’t got any anything any emails or anything in the mail letting me know where my application stands

    • Are you a landlord or tenant?

      We have received a few payouts for assistance last week.

  • I applied for rental assistance to you guys a few months ago my name is Jill Fair p h a i a h I have not heard anything cuz somebody please call me 860-204-7249 thank you

  • I’ve applied for assistance almost 3mnths ago and haven’t heard anything since about 1 1/2 months ago. Can anyone help with that?

    • Are you a landlord or tenant? They are now starting to process applications so you should hear something soon.

  • I applied and was told I qualified. My landlord agreed to participate in the UniteCT program but after waiting 4 months for any response he decided not to participate! I spent hours gathering and submitting all the documentation that was required as soon as the program opened up March 15, 2021 I understand that the program was probably bombarded with applications but what is the point if they can’t process them in time to help anyone? No I face eviction and owe 3 months rent plus late fees. I’m in a worse position now

    • Unfortunately both the landlord and the tenant have to cooperate and participate in the program.

  • I need help with my utilities I can’t afford rent and utilities

  • I applied on March of this year for utility help. I have a past due bill that is definitely over due! I filled out everything asked of me as well as upload every document needed. I have yet to hear ANYTHING from ANYONE! Please can someone tell me something of importance in reference to this situation?

  • I applied in the beginning of July. I am behind on 4 months rent and need help with my electric bill. I have not heard from anyone. I called the phone number listed on Unite CT website and because nobody picks up the phone they ask you to record your number for a call back. I did this today. Let’s see if anyone calls back.

    • No body going to call I been waiting for 2 days for a call back.I called at 10am left my call back waited until 430 and it says I already left a call back so waited for the next day again and shit wanted me to leave another call back crazy

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