Flume is a gadget that controls water consumption and leakage at home

Water is essential in every household, but it is also an increasingly scarcer good. With this in mind (and also because saving when possible is great for every household budget), it is important to keep its consumptions thoroughly controlled, in order to know where you can save it. In addition, it is important to detect any leaks as soon as possible, in order to save water and money.

For anyone wanting to keep water under control, Flume is the way to go. This smart sensor is capable of tracking, in real time, its usage in any home, via a custom mobile app, and also detect any leakages – all this by simply strapping it around a home’s water meter, meaning that no cuts on pipes, holes or professional help from a plumber is needed.

Flume was founded by Eric Adler and James Fazio, both graduates of California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo (California), and is the result of a senior project turned into a startup in the University’s incubator. With Adler being a mechanical engineer and Fazio a software engineer, they brought their capabilities together to develop and deliver this product.

Appearing in a “craze” of smart home devices, Flume brings an ecological and environmental aspect to the market. With a single sensor it is possible to monitor the consumption of this precious liquid in the entire household, and also ensure that leaks are detected immediately, making it easier to fix them while wasting as less water as possible.

The company provides some interesting stats: 40% of homeowners will experience water damage, 10% of homes leak 90+ gallons of water per day, and the average insurance claim for water damage clocks at $15,000. Considering these numbers, it comes as no surprise that Flume has attracted interest from several large international insurance companies, water utilities, and other partners.

A real-world example can be helpful in order to assess how useful Flume can really be. The state of California has just passed a new bill that puts in place regulations for water use, in order to prevent droughts like the one experienced in this state back in 2015. This law places some limitations in terms of water usage, both out and indoors, among other rules.

Flame can prove to be a major help to help citizens comply to these new rules, as it provides, cheaply and without any installation headaches, an easy way for them to keep an eye on water consumption, and regulate it as needed. Cities and states can also benefit from it, making it easier for them to enforce these rulings.

Created and developed by 2 millennials, Flume is a really interesting product that, at the same time, helps to solve real problems that afflict all houses around the world, and also gives the environment a helping hand.


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